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Delicious foods don't just fill up our bellies, but they also transport us back to our fondest memories of home. Here's a Lebanese basket that's sure to remind them of excellent meal times shared with family and friends.Send your gratitude, your love, or remind them how much you care when you send Tastes of Home.
It includes:
Lebanese Traditional Bread (Saj bread (Markouk)), Taanayel Halloum, Taanayel Akawi, Taanayel Labneh Baladieh, Shankleesh, 2 zaatar man2ouche ,2 jebneh man2ouche, Strawberry Jam, Apricot Jam,1 box of tea, 1 bottle of Balkis Fresh Orange JuiceYour recipient may need to invite more people over to use all the items, or they can keep it to themselves and create multiple meals!N.B.: To ensure morning delivery, please order 24 hours in advance
NB: Basket will vary upon availability

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