VIP Breakfast Tray

Product Code : BAS-GIF-011

This basket includes something for everyone! That's our abundant basket of breakfast which includes:
1 Croissant Cheese
1 Croissant Thyme,
1 Kellogg’s cornflakes,
Pain de Mie,
1 Candia Milk bottle,
2 Kiri Cheese Cubes,
2 Smedes Cheese Cubes,
1 Taanayel Yogurt,
1 Jam Strawberry ,
1 Jam Apricot,
2 Butter Cubes,
2 Lotus Snack Biscuit,
1 mini cup cake,
1 Bottle of Tropicana Premium Orange juice,
And a selection of Nescafe Packs, Hot Chocolate and different flavors of tea. 
All packed in a big basket to be wrapped as a gift for your beloved one

NB:Basket will vary upon availability


Price : $ 72.00
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  • $ 72.00

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